Your Executive Leadership Expert.

Renowned Keynote Speaker.
Acclaimed Executive Coach.

Drawing on my background in pivotal roles at, McKinsey and Google, I work to empower executives to adeptly maneuver through today’s business intricacies with assuredness and strategic acumen.

My customized, 1:1 coaching is completely tailored to help Design and tech leaders unlock and more fully quantify the impact they have created. My goal is to support you to confidently lead with influence, successfully preparing you for the challenges and opportunities in your current or next position.

Why Me?
Why an Executive Coach?

As the founder of Speciale Executive Leadership, I leverage my extensive experience from Amazon, McKinsey,, and Google to empower C-level and other executives in their career transitions.
My approach is meticulously crafted to support a broad range of leaders transitioning to new roles, with a particular expertise in Design. Your tailored strategy encompasses a blend of executive branding, transition planning, and leadership agility, ensuring a seamless move to the next pivotal position.
I help leaders articulate their impact and value, ensuring a successful transition to their next executive position. My methodology combines personal development with practical strategies, ensuring you are not only prepared for your next role but also positioned to make significant impact. I focus on fostering innovation, strategic growth, and effective leadership, helping you to excel in new and demanding environments.

International Executive Coaching
Career Transitions
User Experience
Design Thinking
Public Speaking

Cross-Functional Collaboration
Making the Complex Simple
Strategy Through Downturns
Digital Transformation
Change Management

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